Environment Canterbury elections 2019

Sustainable Canterbury combines with Save Our Water campaign, from 2007, to seek representation for good long-term values on Canterbury Regional Council, through the zero-waste campaign launch of CommunityVoice.NZ today. Please help by hosting a 100%-recycled election billboard! – Contact here, and:
Rik Tindall flier p1 Aug16 ZW19 scaled.5
In a globalised marketplace, what we can best do about product stewardship is focus on what we can grow, make, process, re-use and conserve here at home.

New Zealand trade and industry is due a quantum shift in sustainable product – from the paddock to the plate and everywhere in between, especially packaging and freight. We have everything we need, technically, to provide a global leadership contribution the world sorely needs, working with our primary base. For peace, climate and resource preservation, it is our utmost duty to pitch in and help.

On these important issues, make loud your Community Voice! Kia ora koutou.

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