for proportional representation, towards better, more effective democracy

SCMW favours retention and enhancement of the Mixed Member Proportional (MMP) electoral system for New Zealand, in the 2011 referendum.

As a second choice, and where it improves fair representation through maximum use of voter choice, we endorse Single Transferable Vote (STV): examples being for council ward and parliamentary constituent seat elections.

6Nov11 – Resolved, that: SCMW supports and promotes Maaori political representation (indigenous, Treaty of Waitangi enshrined) that is democratically and proportionately elected, and not executive-appointed.

Viz: Nelson City Council poised to have Maori ward + Council confirms Maori ward Nelson Mail 4 Nov 2011. Environment Canterbury needs to go this way too in future, with reinstatement of elected councillors:

Reduce the imposed Maaori ‘representation’ of a Ngai Tahu corporate commissioner occupying 14% (1/7) of the seats to the accurate tangata whenua 7% population figure (1/14 of seats) and re-enfranchise the other 7% of lost community voice. Urban Maaori are increasingly migrants from other iwi areas and – like other ethnic minorities – deserve equal democratic representation too. Also, strong conflict of interest exists for the Iwi as developer engaged in regulatory governance, that would be resolved through a fair election as just enacted by Nelson City Council.

Christchurch City Council would similarly benefit from creation of a freely-contested Tangata Whenua seat at the decision-making table – elected through the Maaori electoral roll.

These arrangements reinforce, and can stand as long as, survival of the New Zealand Maaori Seats in Parliament.

MMP – how it works

Campaign for MMP 2011

STV InfoHelp research page

We welcome your support in this cause

~ Kia ora

Sustainable Canterbury ~ Mauriroa Waitaha


1. Māori ward seats on councils endorsed Press Release: Sustainable Canterbury 10 November 2011

2. Council to review wards after census 11/11/2011 :

A review of Christchurch City Council election arrangements, including whether to establish a Maori ward, will not be undertaken until new information about population shifts in the quake-hit city is available.

City councillors discussed the local government representation review at their meeting yesterday.

The council is required to review its representation arrangements, including the size of the council and the boundaries of election wards, at least once every six years. The next review must be held before the 2016 elections.

If the council elected to do the review now, it would have to use population estimates from June this year, which would not reflect the effect of the earthquakes on the city’s population.

A report to the council said the review should take place after the next census was held in 2013, allowing the council to “reflect movements across the city from the post-earthquake red-zoning of residential properties”.

It said the council could also consider establishing a special Maori ward.

Councillors voted to do the review after the census.

– The Press

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